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Richemont has completely embraced our vision and strategy since they came on board as a shareholder and together we are going to continue to build the 21st Century model for luxury fashion retailing. At actual exchange rates, sales rose by 1%, negatively impacted by the weakening of the US dollar and the yen against the euro during the period.Sales growth was subdued overall, with double-digit increases in the Middle East and Americas largely offset by low growth in Europe and decreases in Asia-Pacific and Japan.European and Middle-Eastern sales continued to benefit from tourism. A global financial services institution in connection with the establishment of a business to provide digital credentials and authentication services. Mercier will be taken over by Mr Michel Nieto, currently Marketing and Communications Director at Baume & Congratulating Mr Fornas on his appointment, Mr Johann Rupert, Executive Chairman of Richemont said: A dividend of CHF 0.550 per share will be paid on the listed 'A' bearer shares and a dividend of CHF 0.055 per share will be paid on the unlisted 'B' registered shares of the Company.

The businesses operate in four areas: However, we remain convinced of the long-term prospects for luxury goods globally, and in particular for watches and jewellery. You are advised to seek appropriate professional advice in relation to the making of money by internet proposals described in the Announcement. The proposal will comply, so far as applicable, with the rules and regulations of the london stock exchange group plc investor relations is bitcoin good to invest in right now London and Luxembourg Stock Exchanges and the provisions of the City Code on Takeovers london stock exchange group plc investor relations and Mergers.

From 1 April 2013, Mr Fornas and Mr Lepeu will become Joint Chief Executive Officers. It is anticipated that the buy-back will be effected from time to time over the coming six month period through the purchase of units on the Swiss market or through the purchase of depository receipts on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. What lessons can we take from animal behaviour when considering our own, and should investors try and time the market? Is it time to rethink your emerging markets investments?

Strong sales in the prior year established best money investments in uk a high hurdle and we are reasonably content with the Group's performance at this difficult time." The Group's wholesale sales were down by some 9% and retail sales by 7%. one for designers and one for product/communication developers, each lasting a year. Further details regarding YOOX Net-A-Porter Group may be found at: Richemont has an effective interest of 18.9 per cent in BAT and Remgro has an effective interest of 10.4 per cent.

His career to date has focused on management and marketing with international companies, including Escada and Children Worldwide Fashion. The price movement for that trading day is also shown. Regular information as to the buy-back programme will be made available through the SWX Swiss Exchange.6 per cent interest in the ordinary share capital of British American Tobacco. field, which is a point at which the trade will be closed, if a certain level of profit has been made.

The Other business area, mostly composed of our Fashion & Accessories Maisons, also performed strongly, recording 124% sales growth. A further press release will be issued immediately after the meeting to confirm the decision. This transaction follows an approach by Remgro to Richemont.

Richemont also today announced good results in respect of the six-month period ended 30 September 1999. Mr Rupert will step down from that role on 31 March 2013. Commenting on Mr Kern's decision, Mr Johann Rupert, Chairman, said: As technology continues to break new If i invest 100 in bitcoin today ground, we explore how to separate the disruptors from the disrupted.

Issues about global warming and sustainability have become urgent. Nearly 90% of all the plastic produced over the past six decades still exists. Given the Richemont restructuring effected in October 2008, the dividend is not comparable to that paid in September last year.At the meeting, Executive Chairman, Mr.

The proposal follows changes to Swiss company law permitting lower nominal values per share. Ahead of its Annual General Meeting to be held later today in Geneva, Richemont announces that its sales for the five months ended 31 August 2011 increased by 29 % at actual exchange rates. The report will be mailed to all holders of Richemont shares and South African depositary receipts and to other parties who have requested them on 19 June 2013. Shareholders are entitled to raise questions in advance of the meeting by emailing our Company Secretary, Mr Swen H.

Net profit for the same period may apollo investment stock quote increase by between 20 % and 40 %. He has also served as executive producer on a number of highly successful documentaries including Class of 92. (LON:ATMA) Atlas Mara Coinvest Ltd share price was.

However good a share picker you are, a single share or portfolio of shares is unlikely to ever offer you the diversification you could otherwise achieve by investing in a fund. In addition, smaller Maisons find it difficult to absorb central costs to compete with very big brands. It is expressed by a series of short, medium and long term targets.